Airports Safety and Security

Airports are critical infrastructure with the highest security requirements.Zoobla's solution for airports employs the latest trends in video surveillance and intelligent systems, the most reliable technical means, and tools to support the new normal.It unites all systems and incoming data into a single network. This applies to all subsystems: from security equipment and access control systems to video management systems. One solution is built to manage the airport’s entire security system.

Zooblas's Solution Provides Full-Scale Protection Inside and Outside the Airports:

  • Continuous video surveillance of the entire airport territory
  • Abandoned items detection
  • Biometrics at the border control zone, at strategic sites
  • Preventing terrorist attacks
  • Reducing the risk of spreading viral diseases
  • Video monitoring of the baggage loading and unloading process,as well as its movement along the baggage carouse
  • Monitoring of cargo containers
  • Covering the entire airport and adjacent areas with the required number of video cameras, ensuring the optimal number of video servers and operator workstations
  • Video surveillance of the airport runways, aircraft parking and service vehicles
  • Control of vehicle access to restricted areas and paid parking lots
  • Combination of a video subsystem with a perimeter security system, an access control system and a fire safety system
  • Monitoring of engineering systems
  • Unified user interface for easy monitoring and complex security system management
  • Optimized overview of events with integrated airport floor plans and 3d maps
  • Quick and easy expansion and upgrade of the video surveillance system

Zoobla Features and Technologies for Airports

Detection of all kinds of threats

AI-powered analytics help solve a variety of security tasks, including face and number plate recognition, early fire detection, detecting potentially dangerous conditions, and tracking objects of specific types.
Using our AI tools, you can warn the police or security services if a known offender or a wanted person appears in the airport, control the movement of passenger and freight vehicles on the airport territory, detect fire and smoke in their early stages in open spaces such as the landing strip or in areas with high ceilings such as terminal halls or hangars, detect an intrusion into restricted areas and automatically notify the operator, and eliminating the human factor.

Social distancing and anti-pandemic tools

During these new normal times, crowded places require special attention. Airports employ modern tools to ensure that tourists, passengers and other people feel safe inside. These tools include remote body temperature measurement and people counters in a certain area that help to maintain social distancing and manage large passenger traffic.

Queue management

Queue management at check-in counters and security checkpoints helps to evenly distribute travelers among lines, reduce waiting times and thus improve passengers' experience.

Bottleneck detection

Build heat maps to identify the busiest and "coldest" areas in the airport, measure the effectiveness of direct advertising and promotional efforts, and plan staff numbers and stationing more efficiently.

Suspicious behavior detection

The unusual behavior of a person can indicate their criminal intentions or a dangerous situation. To prevent this, it is important to recognize suspicious activity in advance. Zoobla's smart tools analyze video from cameras in real time and, if necessary, alert security personnel.

Quick search for faces, number plates, objects and situations

The smart search tools' interface is designed in such a way that the operator can adjust the search criteria in a matter of seconds and find the required video fragment, people and vehicles of interest in the huge volume of video data coming from all airport cameras.

Live Video Management Tools

Zoobla's solution provides convenient real-time monitoring tools such as an interactive 3D map, combining a panoramic view from up to 3 camera feeds, tracking an object of interest across multiple cameras, a video wall, and other features that open up even more possibilities for the operator.

Performance and Resource Optimization

Outside the airport building, the cameras constantly scan the runway and automatically track objects. For a general overview, a low-resolution video stream can be used, but it can be switched to high-resolution at any time so that the operator can see the details.

Not a moment to lose

In such critical sites as airports, every second counts. Zoobla's solution provides the tools that ensure fault tolerance and data redundancy. They make administrating and updating large systems easy, and help protect your VMS from unauthorized access and trust its reliability. Besides that, edge storage integration ensures seamless, gap-free video recording, even in case of connection loss between the camera and the server.

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