Home Security

Problems Solved by a Security System Based on Zoobla Software in Home

Safe Home Security

  • For administrative and educational buildings, these are primarily the security of property, ensuring human safety, and maintaining discipline.
  • For dormitories they are maintaining proper conduct and order, monitoring discipline, and excluding unauthorized persons
  • For cafes and dining facilities, they are quality control of ingredients and dishes, monitoring workflows with food products and areas for their unloading.
  • For parking lots, it is prevention of car thefts and break-ins.
  • For squares and outlying territories, it is prevention of interpersonal conflicts in secluded areas and criminal acts such as the use or sale of prohibited substances.

Implant Types :

  • Filling Type: Count visitors, manage queues, perform shoplifter/VIP client recognition, guesstimate age and gender, conduct heatmapping, and more.
  • Profile: Count people and vehicles, perform face and number plate recognition, enhance public safety, assist investigations, and search for wanted persons.
  • Size: A campus is a large and multifaceted site. Its security system may include hundreds of video cameras, data from which will flow to a single monitoring center.


Providing early notification to first responders enables police or corporate security personnel to quickly neutralize the threat and make their response actions more effective.



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