Frequently Asked Questions

We provide solutions that make giving, communicating, and connecting effective and convenient for ministries and congregations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoobla’s advanced technology, flexible design and continuing focus on innovation enhances usability to delight both administrators and end users

Hands-free access control using smartphone credentials

Instant credential assignment with one click of a button.

Manage the system remotely from a single screen.

Seamless reporting for audits and compliance.

Smart cameras that capture clips of relevant video surveillance events all centrally stored in the cloud for fast searching and sharing.

Yes, Zoobla supports a virtual architecture. The architecture is not affected by the deployment on a virtual environment as the components and requirements remain the same as long as the virtualized server has dedicated resources that match those of its physical equivalent. The virtualized server’s dedicated resources must not be shared between other instances or virtual machines.

Yes, Zoobla supports an on-premises architecture.

Not at all! Zoobla VMS Surveillance is compatible to integrate with a wide range of popular POS systems. If you don’t see your system, talk to a sales rep; we would love to discuss it with you.

Zoobla cloud VMS service connects to your Zoobla One VMS servers via the HTTPS protocol using TLS encryption. No opening any ports or deploying other potentially vulnerable settings is needed, which ensures that your VMS does not become externally accessible. Transmitted video and other data are encrypted, which makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to access your information.

Videos are automatically stored for 30 days, with extended cloud-based packages available to you via your Zoobla Account Manager.

Our contract is between 1-10 years please contact an account executive for more information.

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