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Zoobla One VMS and Zoobla PSIM-based vertical security solutions developed with extensive industry expertise to solve any business challenges. Zoobla software is modular and customizable, able to perfectly suit various needs of partners and end-users alike. Our solutions prove efficiency “in vivo” to thousands of projects no matter the scale and complexity, including high-level managing software, an edge-to-edge solution platform, as well as low-level integration software. With the capacity to construct truly intelligent AI-powered video surveillance systems or incorporated physical security solutions, they are trusted by many clients.

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Safe City | Homeland Security | Public Safety

Smart & Safe cities need proven intelligent security solutions. Zoobla Safe City is designed to meet requirements of large distributed projects, improving safety, reducing crime and allowing the city services to run smoothly and with cost efficiency.



Zoobla solutions meet the most arduous airport surveillance and security needs. These include multiple users, several stakeholders, extended perimeters, a lot of buildings, terminal checkpoints and special zones, indoor and outdoor areas, traffic and so on.

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Banking & Finance

Discover our banking solution to safeguard clients and personnel, ATMs, money and assets. Our reliable and high-performing integrated AI-powered solution permits the construction of distributed security systems and enables proactive surveillance 24/7.

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A security solution able to prevent and investigate shrink, analyze shopper behavior, as well as enhance operational efficiency and customer service. It can be adapted to single or multiple stores to analyze stores, sales rates, and customer acquisition efficiency.

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Complete security solution for a small pre-schools and kindergartens, a K-12 school district, college and university campuses. Control human/vehicle access while safeguarding students, staff, and faculty with the Zoobla AI-powered intelligent security system for greater academic achievements.

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Sports & Entertainment

security solution to keep safe in large crowds and effectively manage flows of people in and around stadiums, sporting facilities, fan zones, museums, amusement parks and festivals. Enable efficient incident investigation and, what’s more, prevent incidents or stop them at the outset.

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Casinos (Gaming)

Zoobla Safeguard guests and staff, protect assets, minimize cheating and confidence efficient tricks, detect and prevent fraud by availing of Zoobla expertise. User-friendly, reliable, scalable video and physical security management is the perfect customized solution.

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Transport & Logistics

A customized solution for public transport, railways, terminals, and other hubs. Enable vehicle and car license plate recognition, intelligent management, and advanced video analytics to ensure smooth operation. Protect people, assets, and rolling stock.

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Operations in mines are subject to very high safety regulations. The mining industry is one that carries many risks. Safety and security remain crucial to this process as it can lead miners and businesses into dangerous situations.

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Oil & Gas

We provide an integrated security solution that spans every aspect of your operations—from production and pipelining to refining and distribution. Increase your company’s business intelligence with a platform that integrates into every other system you own

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