K12 School & Universities Solution

For children and adolescents, schools are places where they acquire not only knowledge but also life experience and social, communication and creative skills. The task of a security system in K12 schools and universities is to ensure both the physical safety of students, staff, and faculty and a comfortable atmosphere free from conflicts and bullying. Reduce the number of accidents and acts of physical and psychological violence and corruption using advanced Zoobla security technologies.

Integrated security system in educational institutions provides the following benefits:

  • Increased security thanks to round-the-clock monitoring of the behavior and movement of people in all spaces and on adjacent territories, as well as inside school and tour buses.
  • Less misbehavior and fewer violations due to the inevitability of punishment.
  • Reduced tardiness and truancy among students.
  • Monitoring of the passage of unauthorized persons into the grounds and buildings of the educational institution.
  • Monitoring of emergencies and prompt response to them.
  • Monitoring of improper behavior of teachers toward students.
  • Implementation of measures to ensure the safety of property.
  • Prevention of the distribution and use of drugs, alcohol, and smoking on the grounds of the educational institution.
  • Monitoring of conflict situations involving a group of students aimed at a single person
  • Impartial analysis of the circumstances of incidents and conflicts using archived video camera footage.
  • Assessment of the quality of the learning process.
  • Reduction of costs for the security of the educational institution.
  • Increased prestige of the learning institution.

Zoobla Tools for the Security of Educational Institutions

Analyze Human Behavior

Recognize hazardous situations by detecting specific human postures: a person lying on the floor or ground, a person with a gunman’s demeanor, etc.

Reduce Fire Damage

Detect fire and smoke early and in areas where other types of sensors are ineffective, e.g., in open spaces and buildings with a large air volume.

Track Specific Objects

Detect humans or vehicles in complex scenes. Apply any conventional video analytics to the detected objects.

Find Videos Faster

Specify the search criteria and retrieve the recorded footage within seconds. Find persons by photos and vehicles by plate numbers.

Prevent the Spread of Infections

Set the temperature threshold and trigger response scenarios when an elevated body temperature is detected.

Build Integrated Solutions

Integrate video surveillance with fire/security alarm systems and access control systems, including biometric readers.

Use Cloud Monitoring

Monitor multiple sites in different locations remotely via a web interface. Get notifications on critical events.

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