Retail Solution

Reshape retail by protecting clients, staff and assets. Reach more customers and deliver individualized experiences your customers can trust by building an intelligent security system with Zoobla’s Retail Solutions that are more than just security. A Retail Solution is specific to your business, being steps ahead of standard video surveillance to implement Business Intelligence Analysis powered by AI.

Retail Business and Security Tasks Zoobla Helps to Safeguard

  • Operational efficiency and customer service enhancing
  • Shoplifting and employee theft
  • Acts of fraud
  • Shopper behavior analysis
  • Ecosystem to respond immediately to active alarms
  • Asset protection and shrinkage reduction
  • Staff errors
  • Parking area security

Dedicated Zoobla Features and Technologies

Comply with Anti-Pandemic Restrictions

Know how many customers are in the store using visitor counter that combines data from multiple entrances.

Analyze Foot Traffic

Get visitor count data to analyze stores’ foot traffic, sales conversion rate, and customer acquisition efficiency.

Identify VIP Clients and Offenders

Recognize known shoplifters or any other subjects of interest right at the door and notify store personnel.

Use Demographic Data

Collect shopper demographic data for customer analysis, digital signage targeting, and other marketing purposes.

Supervise Cashiers’ Operation

Get a complete picture of what is happening at the checkout based on data from cash registers linked to video feeds.

Manage Human Resources

Know how many customers are in lines to facilitate the handling of human resources in both the short- and long-term.

Analyze Shopper Behavior

Get a graphic representation of the number of visitors and time spent in different store areas: in front of stands, showcases, shelves, etc.

Get Comprehensive Reports

Use any specific or combined data from the Retail Solution tools to build custom online reports for any store in the retail chain.

Show Video on a Site Map

Quickly navigate between cameras split across multiple stores and instantly pinpoint where a selected camera is located.

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