Motor and Railroad Freight Transportation & Logistics Facilities Security

The logistics terminal is central to any freight forwarder’s operations, as the hub where all cargo is handled and dispatched. It can also be a bottleneck facility that slows or even bogs down upstream and downstream business processes if managed inefficiently. Explore how Zoobla technologies can help you manage core terminal processes the smart way and address the challenges the transport and logistics sector are facing.

Zooblas Solution Helps to Increase Transportation & Logistic Security and Efficiency:

  • Providing security for warehouses and logistics facilities of any scale.
  • Remote monitoring of the incoming and outgoing of goods.
  • Reduction of time wasted on investigating and handling claims.
  • Seamless integration with third-party security systems and applications.
  • Saving money on security guards.
  • Receiving real-time alerts for suspicious activity using our advanced analytics.
  • Protection of vulnerable or restricted areas.
  • Securing goods from theft and damage.
  • Documenting of picking and loading errors.
  • Automatically measuring tank car level using thermal cameras.
  • Monitoring the number of staff entering and exiting buildings.
  • Gaining insight into cargo truck traffic flows and patterns.
  • Reducing false alarms being sent to your control room.
  • Fire and smoke detection.
  • People and vehicle tracking and counting.
  • License plate registration for automatic entrance and exit.
  • Preventing automatic access for unauthorized vehicles.
  • Combining manned guards with video surveillance for better cost-efficiency.
  • Alerting security guards and law enforcement authorities to threats in real time.

Zoobla Features and Technologies for Logistics Facilities

Verify transport permits at the gate

At the gate, the system reads transport and container IDs. Then it checks records in the ACS database. If the numbers are on the access list, the gate opens. If the numbers don’t match up, security staff step in. The same standard procedure is repeated each time at every access point. To ensure asset safety, cameras capture how containers look when they arrive. If damage is noted at some point, you can investigate video footage to analyze the cause and take corrective action.

Inspect cargo at the loading bay

All loading and unloading of cargo is thoroughly monitored and reviewed. The barcode scanner reads the UPC and alerts operators of any ambiguity or missing cargo. You can show the customer their cargo story on video — from terminal entrance to exit. The video footage is synced with the ACS and Time and Attendance systems. With a few clicks, you can find out who did what with your cargo.

AI fire and smoke detection

Neural network fire and smoke detection tools enable you to detect early signs of fire in the warehouses and extensive logistics complexes where standard fire and smoke sensors are ineffective. The operator can control all the sensors, events and alerts in one interface window and quickly respond to them.

Railways freight traffic solution

At the weigh-in station, the Zoobla software reads and recognizes license plates and railcar numbers. It also films the process of cargo weighing and tank car level measurement and syncs all data.

Intelligent search tools

Zoobla's smart search enables you to find a person or an object of interest among lots of other objects in minutes. A person’s photo, an object size, color, zone entering, line crossing, and other parameters can be used as search criteria.

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